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  • To the official website of COCOMANGAS SHOOTER BAR. One of the first party bars on the island of Boracay,in the Philppines. Cocomangas Shooter Bar, est.1987, is now the oldest original running bar on the Island (26 years old and counting), and which many refer to as an institution on the island, and a trip to Boracay is not complete without a trip to Cocomangas Shooter Bar. Famous for it's "Still Standing After 15..." drinking challenge where customers drink 15 different shots of assorted booze , and if you're still standing, you receive one number for your country ,win  a free t - shirt or jersey, and your name will be  engraved on the bar's wall of fame. Do it for your country !!

    Cocomangas is also famous for Jam Jars , which are oversized cocktal jars containing potent mixes of alcohol. The best selling cocktail jars at Cocomangas are the Frozen Margarita's, Kamakazi's, Bailey's Shakes , Pinacolada's, Long Island Ice Tea's, and our original Jam Jar mix.If you're in the mood , try them all ... Also try the shakers which come in twenty different flavours and colors, all served with five shots of alcohol in every shaker at a reasonable price of $4.00 dollars(refill price) a shaker.

    If you're not into the booze and drinking , than try eating one of the Cocomangas famous yummy pizza's.Pizza's baked on homemade dough, and with tons of topping's, our pizza will satisfy your appetite and will make you crave for more.Cocomangas has a free pizza delivery service anywhere on Boracay , just call our pizza hotline at 288-4455.

    Then there's the Cocomangas pumping dance floor which will make you smile and feel the happiness of shaking your bootie to the latest music of hip hop/ house but more hip hop than house.It's where the good times happen and life time memories are made.Cocomangas Shooter bar is a bar, a lounge,a pumping nightclub, and is world famous for it's on the beach cocktail sessions.

    Check us out and try it for yourself and let our staff take care of you and put a smile on your holiday. Enjoy paradise, Yours Truly, John Munro.

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    • Happy 27th Anniversary Cocomangas Shooter Bar

      Photo shows Cocomangas Shooter Bar, which is celebrating it’s 27th  year anniversary this coming Dec.,5,2012.

      Holy how time flies. It’s hard to believe that 27 years ago I opened a small warm up bar,(to get the early crowd going before they transferred to the Beachcomber Disco which was just down the road) on Boracay, called Cocomangas Shooter Bar ,with billiard tables , and rock and roll music. The likes of Dire Straits, U2,Billy Idol, Roxy Music,and Micheal Jackson, were rocking the house down .Our big drink back in the 80’s was the frozen margarita , which we served 2 for 1 every night from 7:30pm til 9:30pm. 25 years later our happy hour still starts at 7:30 and includes all local drinks and cocktails 2 for 1, and still draws a crowd.

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  • "Great business opportunity,
    Cocomangas is open for franchising..."
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2 Taiwan 7998
3 Korea 7193
4 USA 2543
5 China 2169
6 England 1640
7 Australia 1540
8 Canada 1359
9 Russia 1050
10 Sweden 670




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